Telephone System for Nonprofits, Churches & Community Organizations

Virtual Telephone System for Nonprofits & Religious Organizations

Virtual Telephone Systems

Virtue Works provides a Telephone System/Virtual PBX designed specifically for Nonprofits, community & Religious Organizations such as Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples etc.

A virtual telephone system is best for small organizations, with a virtual receptionist/auto attendant available 24/7 to pick up the call.


Advantages & Benefits of Virtue Works Telephone System

Receive Multiple Calls Simultanously

With 10 voice channels per line and the Auto Attendant/Virtual Receptionist Feature, up-to 10 people can call at any time without getting a busy tone.

Virtual Receptionist

A Virtual Reeceptionist (Auto Attendant) is always available to answer your calls with a professionally recorded greeting. Callers are presented with a range of options and forwarded to one or more extensions.

Call Forwarding

Forward an extension to another phone or even an answering service, if needed. Flexible Call routing and forwarding based on date/time and various other customizable settings.

Call conferencing

Setup a meeting/conference with up-to 25 people. Participants can dial in and join a conference by dialing a special extension assigned for the conference.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls between extensions or external/mobile phone number.

Voice Message

In  message to your email address.

Call Recording

Calls can be automatically or selectively recorded. Make sure that you never miss out critical details.

Music on Hold

Build a professional image of your Organization through customized on-hold music. Events, Announcements, Fundraising, Accomplishments are some of the things you could include in mucic on-hold.

Call Monitoring

Monitor your outgoing & incoming calls any time through your Dashboard.

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