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Social Media Integration

Make the most of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube channels

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Nonprofits, Churches & Community Organizations

Present a professional appearance with a Virtual Telephone/PBX System

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Websites For NonProfits, Church, Masjid, Synagogue and
Charity Organizations provides professionally designed, mobile friendly Websites for Non-Profit, Religious & Charity Organizations. The Websites also include social media integration & Email Service.

If your organization is a Church, Synagogue, Mosque (Masjid), Sikh Gurdwara, Budhhist or Hindu Temple, will help you benefit most from the web, mobile and social networks. helps you build a bigger, better & stronger community through your Website. Connect & Engage your members, organize & promote events, share photos & video, raise funds, accept donations, encourage participation and much more. also offers a fully hosted and managed virtual telephone system designed for nonprofits & community organizations

Best of all, there is no cost. It's Free!

Get a professionally designed Website for your Church, Synagogue, Masjid, Mandir or Gurdwara. We also provide Websites to other non-profit & charity organizations.

Build a Stronger Community with your Website

Connect and engage your members. Setup, organize & promote events, share Photos & Video, Raise Funds, Accept Donations and more. Functionalities that help you build a bigger, better & stronger Community.

Organization Profile

Detailed information about your Organization, it's Mission & Vision....


Post Announcements and notifications....

Activity & Schedule

List Activity Schedule & Services available at your Organization....

Team & Committee Members

List Team/Board/Committee Members & their profiles....

Location Map & Directions

Show your locations with Map and provide driving directions....


Post and promote upcoming and past Events...

Photo & Video

Post and share Photos & Video from Events...

Forms & Files

Post Membership forms & other documents for download...

Frequently Asked Questions

Provide Answers frequently asked questions...

Free Websites for Religious Organizations & Non-Profits

Custom built Website for all types of Religious & Non-Profit Charity Organizations. Your Website is professionally designed to inlcude features specific to your Organization!

Church Websites

Featuring prayer times, events, announcements and more. Beautiful, Professional Website for Church

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Synagogue Websites

Featuring Website for Synagogue, events, announcements and more. Beautiful, Professional Website for Synagogue

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Masjid Websites

Featuring prayer times, events, announcements and more. Beautiful, Professional Website for Masjid

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Mandir Websites

Free Website for Hindu Temples & Organizations Beautiful, Professional Website for Hindu Temples

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Gurdwara Websites

Websites for Sikh Temples featuring Divan, Langar and other activities. Beautiful, Professional Website for Sikh Temples

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Nonprofits Websites

Professionally designed for Nonprofits, Charity & Community Organizations. Beautiful, Professional Website for Nonprofits

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Recent Portfolio

Here are some Websites built recently by We are always welcoming new Organizations on our Platform. Sign up for your Free Website today. Most Websites are delivered within a week!

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Every Website is custom built by a team that specializes in developing Websites for Non-Profits, Charity & Religious Organizations. Your Website will be delivered in less than a week!