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Munraj Foundation

Munraj Foundation Inc. is a non-profit dedicated to supporting immigrants, migrants, and people on the move in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Thames View Muslim Association

Thames View Muslim Association (TVMA) was established in 2008  to share The Islamic Faith largely to the community of Barking and Dagenham by Serving,

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First Baptist Church of Lake Alfred

First Baptist Church Lake Alfred aspires to be a church of Florida, USA. It's purpose is to glorify the God we worship.

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Heathrow Muslim Community Center

Heathrow Muslim Community Center serves the Muslim Community of Lake Mary, FL. It is part of the Heathrow Muslim Community Center.

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Ghana Muslim Clinic

Ar-Rahman Ghana Muslim Clinic is a non-governmental, non-profit medical health clinic helping people in Ghana who are underserved.

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Nova Foundation

A non-profit organization whose primary goal is to help poor and helpless people and make them self-dependent by arranging several projects.

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Peace By Piece

Peace By Piece is a non-profit educational institute in Kissimmee, Florida. They combines personalized accelerated learning, work-based education, and community service to nurture leaders of

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Muslim Cemetery of Central Florida

Muslim Cemetery of Central Florida (MCCF)The Muslim Cemetery of Central Florida is a non profit organization providing land for Muslim Burial in the Central Florida

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Masjid Al Huda

Masjid Al-Huda was established in 2013 by the Muslim Center of St. Cloud, Florida. It is a non profit religious organization promoting Islamic activity in

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Gurdwara Nanaksar Florida

The Gurdwara sahib was founded by Sant Babaji Amar Singh and the local Sangat and was registered as a Tax exempt Religious Organization on August

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Darul Uloom is the oldest Mosque in Kissimmmee, Florida. This Masjid was established in 1995 on a 6 Acre land on the quiet and serene

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OYPB is a 501c non-profit organization based in Orlando, Florida. They gives accommodations, food & nutrition, education & mentorship for under-privileged children.

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Humane Water

This is a nonprofit charitable and scientific organization that is dedicated to help impoverished population around the globe. Many programs have already been launched and

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Basmah Foundation is a nonprofit and non-political organization dedicated to helping people in South Asia. Our goal at Basmah is to provide aid and

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Meer Foundation USBD

We are a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to empowering needy people. All of our projects are currently occurring in Bangladesh. We have successfully Implemented

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orlando durga puja

Anjali Hindu Society of Central Florida offers various activity on it's premise and around the locality. In addition to regular prayers and educational classes, community

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Masjid Taqwa

The Islamic Center of Osceola County (ICOC), Masjid Tawqa is a nonprofit, non-political, religious organization, cooperative effort of the Muslim Community in Kissimmee and Central

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We pray to many Gods & Goddesses (Dev Devi) in Hindu Religion. God is one, but he has many aspects. We pray to specific powers

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